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K-LUMET Box of 3

K-LUMET gift pack Pack with 3 K-LUMET kindlings

EUR 2.50 *
* incl. VAT 21%
K-LUMET Box of 16

K-LUMET big pack
Pack with 16. K-LUMET kindlings

EUR 5.99 *
* incl. VAT 21%
K-LUMET Box of 320

K-LUMET corrugated pack Pack with 320 (20x16) K-LUMET kindlings

EUR 109.00 *
* incl. VAT 21%

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If you and your friends have a wish and opportunity to support people with disabilities, as well as the program of the recycling products, we are pleased to accept your paper rolls of used toilet paper / kitchen towels and wax from used candles. Call us: +371-6718-9825 or email k-lumet@k-lumet.lv.


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Ogres nov., Latvia, LV-5041

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