Ideal product for Fireplace

Do you often have to deal with the fact that fireplace does not quickly and easily light up? First you have to bring firewood and chop it, then splint must be put in the fireplace in a right way, and You should keep Your fingers crossed, so that it lights up on a first try.

Sometimes after first try You have to start all over again, but You are already full of anger and discontent... hands are dirty…, but at the same time, people with disabilities are manufacturing help for You - kindling K-LUMET, which can bring comfort into You house quickly and easily.

K-LUMET is what you need!

K-Lumet is easy to use because it is:

  • quickly ignitable
  • lightweight
  • effective
  • neat
  • practical
  • ecologically clean!

Put the K-LUMET in a fireplace between the firewood, set on fire both ends and after a few minutes, the fire will warm you. Forget about the dirty fingers, chopping the wood and about finding the right place for fire ignition - just use K-LUMET!

K-LUMET burns about 15 minutes.

K-LUMET is HANDMADE by people with disabilities.. Workflow is consciously divided into separate stages, so that people with different kinds of disabilities can work independently.

The product is made only of recyclable materials. It is Burning without emitting any harmful chemicals. All components are NATURAL::

  • wood scrap;
  • carton rolls from the used toilet paper / kitchen towels;
  • wax from the used candles

Try this easy to use and eco-friendly fire ignition and you will not regret. You can purchase it by calling +371-6718-9825 by sending a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or here in the online-shop.

If you and your friends have a wish and opportunity to support people with disabilities, as well as the program of the recycling products, we are pleased to accept your paper rolls of used toilet paper / kitchen towels and wax from used candles. Call us : +371-6718-9825 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..